5 On Demand Home Service Startup

On Demand Home Service Apps

On Demand Home Services Apps

On Demand Home Services App

Where do you go when you urgently need to fix your air conditioner in the middle of the day? Or what happens when you have an emergency like a leaking pipe in your kitchen/bathroom? Traditionally you will have to search around for your local electrician or plumber which is quite a tedious job to do in urgency. To retaliate for these emergencies, many on demand home service startups have come into existence, leveraging the on-demand economy and on demand home services app development and eliminating the worry of last-minute problems.

The on-demand economy has replaced the conventional business models quicker than we anticipated. The On-Demand services, coupled with the apps, empower instant provisioning of services.

Urbanization has changed the way businesses perceive.

With the emergence of startups like UrbanClap, Zimmber, AtoZ Service – Trusted Home Services, HouseJoy, Helpr the dreams transform into reality. It may seem like an uphill battle with a business model that has been going powerful for more than a few centuries.

A survey report about the on-demand economy by Burson-Marsteller, the Aspen Institute and Time indicates 42% or 86.5 million Americans have used one of the on-demand services.

No doubt investments have been pouring into these startups, trying to obstruct every traditional business model they could and make it into the on-demand economy.

The top 5 On demand Home Services Startups


UrbanClap hooks together multiple services in one platform. You can opt their service for home cleaning, designing and even get beauty services sitting at your home.

There are more than 10,000 professionals registered with the platform who are completely verified by the company. 

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The service has caught on with the busy working life of the urban population, and the company crossed the value of $10 million in revenue pretty recently.

The app launched in August 2017, and within six months, it has started posting the staggering figure of their profit. It has become one of the fastest-growing home services startups and built 63 Crore INR in funding from Accel India and SAW Partners.

UrbanClap is known to offer massive discounts to the tune of 1.32 Crore to entice customers. Even with these discounts, the company earned a revenue of Rs 45 Crore in the financial year 2017 – 2018. UrbanClap was also able to reduce its expenses due to the increased number of customers it got on the platform.UrbanClap is surely creating a boon in the On demand Home services app industry.


When there is a need for any assistance in your home errands, you can rely on Zimmber. Numerous services are offered through their app and website. You can hire professionals for pest control, carpentry, plumbing, cleaning and sofa cleaning, electrical repairs, laundry, home spa, and more. 

Zimmber raised $400,000 in funding from co-founders of Mobi and further accumulated $2 million in the pre-series around funding from the leading VC companies such as Omidyar Networks and IDG Ventures. The company assesses the eligibility of all enlisted service providers so that you can halt your worries. They also provide additional training and counselling for bridging any gap that exists in their service. 

It has several top-notch investors under its belts like the Aarin Capital and various angel investors.

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AtoZ Service – Trusted Home Services App

AtoZ Service is nothing more than magic. As the name itself suggests, these services ensure to cover all the local home services providers. The user interface of the application is concise and easy to access so that anyone can book their services without any hassle. AtoZ services offer services like wellness, home needs, packers and movers, beauty services and much more. AtoZ services guarantee quality services should be delivered to all.


HouseJoy is a fast-growing home service venture. In the starting years, the Company was able to raise $4 million in the opening round of funding from Matrix Partners. The Company has received immense support from the Indian population who makes around 4,000 orders per day results in 30 to 40% weekly growth of the Company. Till now, the Company has raised $27 million in funding from various investors such as Amazon, Vertex Ventures, and Matrix Partners. HouseJoy has been able to write its victory story by holding a good business model, controlled expenditure, and efficient management. HouseJoy was able to make revenue worth $4.72 million in the financial year 2015 – 2016, recording an expansion of 66% compared to the last year.

Even in order to make more profit, HouseJoy was not able to cut down on its expenses which amounted to $15 million for 2016 – 2017. Both HouseJoy and UrbanClap have been the fastest growing companies and the best players when it comes to offering home services. HouseJoy also offers perks to its employees and customers like free insurance and free re-work, which have built a loyal customer base for them.

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Helpr is a one-stop solution for all your home care and appliance maintenance needs. You can opt for cleaning services, washing services, repairing services etc. The platform also enlisted professional services that include pest control, electrical repairs, plumbing services, appliance fixing and repair, home and wood painting, and computer maintenance etc. You can also sign up for annual maintenance programs for home and appliance repairs for yearly charges.The company has been awarded the best startup of the year award in 2015 by Coimbatore Management Association (CMA) and has over 23,000 registered professionals.Each of the staff members is assessed, and a background check is administered, including police records for complete security.


The above mentioned are only a few popular startups that have invaded the On demand home services app Industry. The committed home services startups with professional and skilled personnel can repair and fix everything around your home in an efficient manner. All that requires for your business is a home service app – that help your business get more customers. The home service marketing niche is in the nascent stage. It is just the right time to launch your own home service company by developing a high-quality home service app right now! For more information connect with our representative here.

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