Cost Of Developing A Mobile App In India?

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If you are a business in 2022, you can’t afford to have a mobile app. As per the latest figures from, mobile apps are projected to hit a whopping $993 billion in revenue by 2023. With more and more users opting to go for mobile over other devices, mobile apps are driving internet traffic all over the world today.

Therefore, for any business operating in India, getting your own mobile app is becoming more imperative by the minute. However, the cost of getting a mobile app developed depends on diverse factors. And ultimately these factors determine the final price that you have to shell out. In this article, we are going to take a look at the various aspects that determine the price of a mobile app, and how they affect the final cost of development.

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Factors Affecting The Cost Of Mobile App Development In India

As every mobile app development agency in India will tell you, there are four prime factors that drive the cost of developing a mobile app. These are:

  • App Category
  • Platform
  • Feature-set
  • Reach

Apart from the above four factors, other important considerations which also influence the app development cost are:

  • Complexity and creativity in UI/UX design.
  • Backend server setup and maintenance costs.
  • Digital marketing and promotion costs.
  • Maintenance and updates.

Based on a combination of the above factors, your mobile app development agency will determine the amount required to develop your app. With that out of the way, let’s take an in-depth look at the cost of app development for different platforms.

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Android App Development Services And How They Work

Android is the most popular smartphone OS in the world today. As a result, if you want maximum exposure for your app, go for Android app development services. Developers for Android apps in India usually charge on a per-hour basis, though there are services that operate on per-project costs as well. For getting the best final outcomes you should go with developers who have considerable experience in developing the type of app you want to be created. The final price will be determined by your chosen feature-set and the level of complexity required to achieve a seamless user experience.

A Bit About The iOS App Development Services

If Android app development focuses on mass adoption in a short time frame, iOS apps are more geared towards exclusivity and sophistication. Apart from stunning UI and UX, iOS apps also offer greater security features and overall stellar performance. The cost of developing such an app from the ios app development services depends on your planned app architecture and of course, the intricacy of features that you need to include in your app.

What Is Hybrid Mobile App?

While apps built with development frameworks or languages specific to Android and iOS platforms are known as native apps, you can also opt for hybrid apps that target multiple platforms at the same time. Hybrid apps come with many advantages. For one, their code base can be written once and deployed on multiple platforms. This helps such apps to be developed and deployed in a short time frame. Moreover, since the code base remains common across platforms and may involve minimal platform-specific tweaking, hybrid app development in India is more cost-effective.

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How App Category Influences Price

Finally, the cost of your app is also determined by the type of app you need to develop. These include types such as cab booking, food ordering, health & fitness, games, travel & tourism, digital wallet, and many more. Thus, as the architecture and complexity of your app change based on the type, so will the price. The following table summarizes the development costs of some popular categories of apps, for both native and hybrid platforms.

App TypeCategoryNative(Android/iOS)Native(Both)Hybrid(Both)
Grocery purchasing AppeCommerce$999$1599$1199
Items Order & Delivery AppeCommerce$999$15999$11499
Restaurant Food Ordering AppeCommerce$5499$9999$6599
Cab Ride Booking AppRide Booking Service$3499$5999$4499
Car Maintenance/Repairing Service AppCustomer Service$2999$4599$3599
Car Maintenance/Repairing Service AppCustomer Service$2999$4599$3599
Drivers/Attendants Hiring AppCustomer Service$2999$4599$3599
Text And Audio/Video Chat AppSocial Media$1999$2999$2399
Social Networking AppSocial Media$3499$2999$4199
Gym Slot Booking AppHealth & Fitness$1799$2499$2159
Yoga/Workout Training AppHealth & Fitness$999$1699$1199
Video Viewing And Sharing AppEntertainment$1799$2999$2159
Hotel, Flight & Bus Booking AppTravel$1999$2999$2399
Note: The above figures are indicative of the starting cost of app development considering the basic features of the respective mobile apps. However, these may change based on the addition of new features or the scalability of the basic features/functionalities.

App development is a dynamic process, and as a result, the associated costs also tend to vary proportionately. While getting your app developed, keep in mind that the final cost will depend on the richness of your product, together with the total amount of man-hours put into developing your app. However, be sure never to compromise on quality due to expenditure. Should you aim to develop a feature-rich, dynamic, and secure mobile app at cost-effective rates in India, hire a top mobile app development company in India.

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