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Online delivery becomes effortless with Apps Development

COVID accelerated the move from physical stores to eCommerce (and particularly mobile). Luckily, this app helps you get your store online with all the features you need to build your brand and increase revenues. And rather than months, you’ll have your app in 15 days.

Better shopping experience

Showcase what you’re selling in a beautiful catalog, with a scrollable carousel. Our targeted feed’s analytics and machine learning help your app figure out what they want and tailor recommendations for each customer.

Your app is available for both iOS and Android customers. We only build native iOS and Android apps (which means your customers get a faster, superior experience).

Secure payments

Once customers add items to their shopping cart, paying for them is simple and secure. And a payment gateway makes running the whole process effortless.

Get your customers to create a password-protected account for increased security. Your app can store their credit card details to make future purchases more seamless. Send private or sensitive information straight to their phone via notification.

Full social integration

Build positive relationships with customers when they create a profile on your app. From using their name in push notifications (which give them a friendly nudge to open up your app) to sending them a promo code on their birthday.

Live chat and share features let customers create a community around you and spread your products and brand to a wider audience. You’ll also need a live chat to answer user questions. Doing this in-app means you’re less likely to lose a customer.

This Apps Development delivers

You can choose any delivery provider and we’ll link your app to their tracking system. So whether you’re sorting your own delivery method or using one of the big providers – anyone from FedEx to Bluedart or UPS, it’s simple.

Our Shipping Charge Calculator helps you work out fixed or variable delivery costs. And you can use notifications to keep your customers updated about their orders.

Why create your own eCommerce app?

We won’t take a slice of your sales

This app takes away the headaches of selling online. We won’t charge you a percentage of your sales, or any additional transaction fees. You’ve earned your sales. We’re here to help you make more (doesn’t include credit card fees).

Apps make more sales

Retail apps make three times more sales than mobile websites and in-app sales are growing 46% year on year.* Once your app sits on your customer’s phone – its icon reminds them of your brand, every time they scroll past.

Collect valuable data

Online marketplaces won’t give you access to all the valuable customer insights you’ll get from your own app. Unlike other monthly app-building subscriptions, you’re not tied in and can host it anywhere you like. All that data remains yours to help you grow your business.

Build brand loyalty

Use all that valuable data to send relevant push notifications with promos they’ll enjoy. Send a little love back to your customers and reward them for introducing their friends to your shop. Incentivize them to leave reviews with money off next time and you’ll encourage return visits too.

Sell yourself

For a low fee you get your own app – the only branding customers see is yours – and all the features you need to run your retail business in this unusual time.

Apps Development On The Prior Requirement Of The Client, Time Duration For The Development Between 15 Days to 2 Months, 50% Payment In Advance For All The Development Rest 25% On Design Completion And 25% On App Development Completion Before Uploading To Google Play Store Or App Store.

Apps make 3 times more sales than mobile websites. And in-app sales are growing 46% year-on-year*. For a lot of businesses selling online has gone from nice-to-have to utterly essential, overnight.

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