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Shopify Store Development

  • You can purchase a domain name within Designtech9Studio, or use an existing one that you own. We also provide a free myshopify.com domain name to all stores on sign-up.
  • All Shopify plans include unlimited bandwidth for free.
  • All Shopify plans are month to month unless you sign up for an annual or biennial plan.
  • If you chose to type in a credit card number instead of using the Shopify credit card reader, you will be charged the same rate as your online rate.

They say if you are not online, you don’t exist.

Businesses should interpret this as: if you don’t have an eCommerce website, your business is off the radar for a helluva lot of customers.

Last quarter, Walmart’s online sales increased by 97%. Amazon’s Q2 sales & profit growth was 40%.

But it’s not just the big guys, benefiting from consumers’ spiked appetite for online shopping.

Smaller retailers such as Howards Storage WorldB-Wear Sportswear, and Plain Jane among others are seeing double and (even triple!) digit growth in eCommerce revenues, compared to the year before.

What else do these three companies have in common? Their fresh Shopify Store Development is spot on and optimized for customer conversion.

And here’s how you too, can join the growing array of retailers that consistently beat their yearly eCommerce targets.

Live Demos: FernStall.com  ||  hebeboutique.com  ||  shopdressup.com  ||  poketo.com

What we Provide:

  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Customization opportunities
  • Easy-to-follow site navigation
  • Unique user experience
  • Customer Mailing
  • Categories & Sub Categories
  • Purchase process

So Let’s start by just ordering your all-new Astonishing Shopify Store Development Now!!


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